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Bureacracy cannot measure or weigh up - the transformative power of spirit aligned with destiny.  Stolen Destiny - Brindle Style  Justice is manifest when women and families are enabled to go about their day and thus destiny unfolds - undisturbed by the oppression, repression and Injustice.   Just a 'good enough' balance of education, family & community.   
Maiia:  Justice is much to do with environment, attitude and oppurtunity. In the visioning of the painting, the central figure in yellow pink t.shirt - is marching with the scales of justice swinging in her raised right hand, in the developmental process the scales become mere decoration on the Christmas tree.
Justice the concept - merely a statue outside the Courthouse.
Justice is about real WomenIn my journeys of healing and Transformation  I see and experience structural disadvantage in institutionalised systems daily (bureaucratic) Using the Greco-Roman mythology as a template, there IS an important aspect of Justice that is above bureacracy. (see Themis below) The piece is a trinity of maid, mother and crone.  The scales for balance, discrimination, fair trade, the sword a handy tool- for turning into Plough-Shares! Our sword, can be words, paintbrush, or other tools of the new paradigm. Justice - more The Narrative    Justice  "The allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems"  

The International Court of Justice

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