1. Organisation


If you don't like learning the hard way, or you are disgusted to find yourself enmeshed in the poverty industry or the for-profit education system. Don't be discouraged by that.  There are tried and true systems of learning and development and what is more, you don't need a 'superior' being to tell you about it. You just need to put on your sorting hat.


Go ahead use the cheat-sheets! Forget trial and error and take hold of the reins of your own Life. 


 Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry



There is no way we can remember everything that we need to - in our fast paced culture of today.  Create A  Vision Folder for your notes and thoughts. 


Nourish the subconscious mind with images that free up imagination and lift the spirit. The technique we encourge here involves carefully cutting out paper images and words that resonate with your goals and dreams.


Find lots of pictures from recycled magazines or old books from the opshop. Think of activities that you enjoy as you flick through magazines. Dancing? Sailing? Bushwalking? Gardening? Stepping out in the town. Travelling. Romance.  Then we arrange them to be visually pleasing and glue them into a collage.


Define and refine what you'd like to create.  Not daydreams and skytalk.  What you are looking for are stepping stones that will take you away from I'm not sure, that will take you onwards in the journey to where you want to be.


Actually 'picture' ideas.  Clarify visually intangible yearnings, sift through imagery and thoughts that will give wings to your joy.  Imagery to gladden the heart and soothe the ragged edges of the weary mind.  Imagery that illuminates and envigorates.  SELF DETERMINATION SOCIAL INNOVATION


An easy theme we used in community workshops in #Manunda PICTURE YOURSELF Healthy Happy and Wise



  2.  - Glue our printed weekly program structure notes into your folder


Each day of the week has a consistent theme. No matter when or where - or what artform it is you can log in to the facebook forums here - anytime - for the latest news, inspiration and information.   


Monday   - ORGANISATION Clarify goals & develop strategies. 

Tuesday   Presentation & Communication  Stagecraft, branding, speaking, websites and social media.

Wednesday   Narrative and Context. "Quality" and Professionalism.

Thursday Enterprise. Social Innovation.  Cottage Industry.

Friday  Personal Support  Mentoring peer support and feedback 



Small Goals are stepping-stones.  Milestones to celebrate and mark achievement along the way. 

 "The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get." - Jim Rohn. 


Cocreating our Reality 100 Day Challenge - Test The Law of Attraction,


 Create a To Do List for structure.


"Remember that your current conditions do not reflect your potential but rather the size and quality of the goals on which you are currently focussing." - Tony Robbins.

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