Australian Jazz

The ridiculously low  % of  Australian content laws in broadcasting mean marvellous inspiring Australians get overlooked when we purchase overseas product.


Bernie McGann      James Morrison  Kuranda Amphitheatre Oct 08 with Tommy See Poy

Jackie Orzaczky     1948 -2008.  Jack is one of Australia's legendary musicians.  Not strictly jazz, funk, fusion, folk or classical-  Jackie Orsaczky was raised up on European classical and Hungarian folk heritage, but an ear to Radio America introduced jazz, funk and groove which he would bring to Australia in the mid 1970s when he worked with the Marcia Hines Show etc... more

Don Burrows

Mike Nock      - LOL! -Kiwi. 

Mike Rivett

Below:  Dale Barlow, Ko Omura, Scott Erichsen and Craig Scott in Sydney

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