Maiia: It's a love story...        "God is your mirror in which you contemplate yourself and you are his mirror in which he contemplates his divine attributes." LBN Arabi



This Florida based artist is not only skilled at exploring his vision in paint he is also skilled with words.  Rassouli can be seen speaking on youtube, he is writing books, and a great Lover of the Sufi wisdom and the great poets of Persia.

Rassouli on Bridging Heaven and Earth Show 2nd clip Below


Pathways Within has an interview with Rassouli where he talks about how


20 years as archtect came to an end as he followed his dream to become an artist...

My favorite poet and guru is Hafiz, a mystic poet who lived during the 14th century Persia. Hafiz's lyrical verses have left an enormous impact on Western European poets and artists; for instance Goethe, Emerson, Lorca, and Fitzgerald."




The Sufi traditions (as percieved it) are much about living and expressing the 'something that is familiar' as Matthew Fox puts it in his translation of the German Catholic philosopher Meister Eckhart.  The vast Irish immigration/ and 'transport' to countries like Australia and North America has carried some of that tradition with it  Greenman 


Maiia: I love the beauty of words of Sufi poetry.  Diane Cilento at Karnak is another student of the Sufi's.  




woah- I just got to the bit about breaking the block to self-expression, that voice that says

can't"   by doing 5 paintings and burning them...  such a good idea when you want to bust through that block.

Norma McCarthy - Cairns outsider Artist


Maiia: Hearing and seeing Rassouli with students is pretty fascinating for me as a younger artist getting to that stage in professional development - training others.    You CAN Do It 

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