20 20 Vision

 OH Shit... a thousand people came... and we haven't updated in 3 years... hahahah - but niether did they... with - THAT BUDGET.



The Government 20/20 website


... is no longer operating, in fact... none of them are... how pathetic is that.  Theres a bit of archive in Wayback machine Archive... but its pretty useless.        The Australia 2020 Conference.  April 2008 - WIKIPEDIA


The 10 topics...areas were:


  1. "Productivity—including education, skills, training, science and innovation.
  2. Economy—including infrastructure and the digital economy.
  3. Sustainability and climate change.
  4. Rural Australia—focusing on industries and communities. 
  5. Health and ageing.
  6. Communities and families.  
      1. he Australia 2020 Summit will examine:

      • How we provide practical support to families to combine the tasks of work, raising children and caring for ageing parents
      • How we make a long term difference on homelessness
      • How we better harness the goodwill and commitment of the Australian community through voluntary and community organisations and philanthropic endeavour
      • How we build social capital within and between communities, particularly those that are cut off from the economic mainstream.
  7. Indigenous Australia.
  8. Creative Australia—the arts, film and design.  
    1. The Australia 2020 Summit will examine:

    • Future directions for Australia’s principal arts bodies
    • Future directions for the ABC, SBS, Australia Television and Radio Australia
    • How best to develop a globally innovative and competitive film industry
    • How to encourage participation in emerging global industries such as game design, the internet 2.0, graphics-rich applications and animation
    • How we build on the creative sector’s potential as a major Australian export industry.
  9. Australian governance, democracy and citizenship.
  10. Security and prosperity—including foreign affairs and trade"
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