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Sonny Rollins Interview: "What you have to confront if you are a young gifted musician is what some people call the “real world.” But your music, which is the real real world, that comes first. The world of making a living, putting bread on the table, you meet a girl and get married, support a family. But music takes a lot of time and dedication   more

"Artists usually work two to three jobs – their art practice, an arts related job such as teaching and a non-arts job in an area such as hospitality." 


"Two of the mainstays at Ronnies.   Monty was there when I first came there in 1980."





Monty & Colin

Steadfast dedication to an arts practise has cost our elders. 


Branford Marsalis right prompted a Community Conversation back in 2006.  We may have been forewarned that the US was in complete disarray.  Where you needed a degree to get work at a joint like the Railway.  But what we do about the Risks of working in the Arts is no more clear than it was back then.  


Project Development   Jon Hawkes    4th Pillar of Sustainability


Giles Smith: (Cairns) "Sit think dream and do!  I don't su

bscribe to the starving artist thing.  It peturbs me that muso's are inherantly broke.  The only excuse is they didn't earn enough. Everyone else in the world wakes up to go to work. I'm not going into labour jokes about not even getting up at all etc... but you must think of any talent, 


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left George Garzone  with Cairns musician Mike Rivett  New York  2007





Robert G. Barret also raised this issue, finding a quid, in his field -writing, at Festival of Cairns 07 using the musical example of popular country-singer Gina Jeffries who looks up from the dole-queue, where one of her videos is playing on the TV.    Barrett did not say - don't bother dreaming of becoming a successful musician/ writer - only that it will take lot of work.         


Peter Garrett let on he was aware of the plight of artisits and our "complex" engagement with  social security 


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A Sustainable Arts Sector - What Will it Take?  -Cathy Hunt and Phyllida Shaw.   more... 


 Hehe-he Jazz Trance Skit from the BBC's Mighty Boosh        HUMOUR

Ben Webster's Tears - the clip that started the conversation...
Branford Marsalis:  (USA)    - "He knew it was time. He was the old man in the story. One of the greatest saxophone players in the history of jazz. Here he was doing gigs around the world with pickup bands to make a living. Most of his comrades were gone. Do either one of them look happy?"   2006 with Andrew Scott Potter in Brazil , Leigh Barker in Melbourne etc
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