The Reverend Dr. Matthew Fox



  " A perfect icon you know, we had for decades and wonderful one, was a picture of the earth taken by the astronauts who left the earth.  A great icon, but now we have one of Jupiter One who left our solar system, the first creation of human beings that has left our solar system and looked back and saw its journey and what you see are dots of light and then the scientists pointed arrow in this one dot of light  - that's Earth.



I think that should be the icon of our time because it puts it in perspective. Earth is so special where else in the whole universe of two trillion galaxies are there giraffes and polar bears and elephants and whales and rainforests? Nowhere else so why don't we all celebrate that and if your ideology is is your favorite thing bring that to the table. How does your ideology help us to to make earth survive and how does mine?



Let's pool our resources and let's pull our defense departments and all this money and science and technology that we put into creating weapons to kill ourselves with, why don't we put that into weapons to defend ourselves against ourselves. We're the  problem so we've got to work on that reptilian brain.



We've got to work on that and there are ways you know.  Meditation comes up, sports too can calm the reptilian brain because in sports we play with the reptilian brain you know we have these parameters we call the basketball court we've got umpires we've got the clock and we've got rules so the umpires enforce the rules but with all that going and then, then we say two teams go out and do your reptilian things. One win one lose. That's what reptilian brings about. I win you lose and then everyone cheers and screams and all that good stuff and then it's over and no one's dead and the and the planet is not destroyed and um and you feel bad for a few days if your team lost and you feel elated if you won but it's all over in a few days.



Anyway it's playing with the reptilian brain i just think it's genius in the part of humans to invented sports and I don't know any tribe that hasn't invented sports. and only you know you can you can misuse them of course but in that in the real context of needing to calm the brain meditation is one way but I think sports are another and there are other ways too.



Creativity art art is a great way to deal with violence and and anger, moral outrage and it doesn't have to hurt anybody either so um these are ways to go. These are the kind of things we should be debating and discussing today not whether Putin has a new supersonic a way to kill us faster and more efficiently.  I mean how crazy can a species be to be destroying one another and the earth, our nest at the same time, it's just folly.


You know Thomas Aquinas said 700 years ago one human being can do more evil so all the other species put together and this is  700 years before Stalin Hitler PolPot or Putin. How did he know that because he respected our intelligence and our creativity he knew how wild it was. How wild it was and it can be divinely beautiful and it can be demonically destructive and that's where choice comes in and and wait and growing up comes in. We have to get out of this adolescent stage it's all about me it's all about me.  It isn't. It's about us and us means the whole universe and the whole earth and all the creatures yes and all of our species that's the step we have to take." - Matthew Fox



A Greenman is carved in stone on the front of the Qld Print Office in Brisbane is a curious sight. Whilst researching the European Indigenous tradition of the Greenman we meet the wisdom and words of Matthew Fox.


Rev Dr Matthew Fox   "Sustainability is another word for Justice for what is just is sustainable and what is unjust is not." 

FOX tangled with the grand inquisitor Cardinal Ratzinger who forbid Fox to teach theology.   He became a member of the Episcopal Church following his expulsion from the Mother Catholic Church in 1993.
Fox is an early and influential exponent of a movement Creation Spirituality. Drawing inspiration from the mystical philosophies of such medieval Catholic visionaries as Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Dante Alighieri, Meister Eckhart and Nicholas of Cusa, as well as the wisdom and prophetic traditions of Jewish scriptures.
Creation Spirituality is also strongly aligned with ecological and environmental movements of the late 20th century and embraces numerous spiritual traditions around the world, including Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism, and Native American spirituality, with a focus on "deep ecumenism" and interfaith. - wikipedia
He is quoted as professing sin to be the disconnection from God's CreationWIKIPEDIA 


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The top corner reminded me of the Olympic torch which ran along the Cairns Esplanade,  with a big parade and American marching bands, hullaballoo for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


Yothu Yindi on stage  and Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic Beacon 

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