The Reverend Dr. Matthew Fox

"Sustainability is another word for Justice for what is just is sustainable and what is unjust is not." Matthew Fox 



50 Years of Creation Spirituality



That Wholistic Green Theme We first meet the wisdom and words of Matthew Fox about 2003.  In a random internet search to find information about the European Indigenous tradition the Greenman  Particularly in an Australian context where we see a 1910 Greenman on the front of the Qld Print Office, Brisbane (this page first published 09/2008) Updated WINTER - 2017


It's not surprising see Fox ran into trouble with the Vatican and grand inquisitor Cardinal Ratzinger in 1998 - who forbid Fox to teach theology. 95 Theses for a Chrisitianity in the Third Millenium He is quoted as professesing sin to be the disconnection from God's CreationWIKIPEDIA 


Walden's Pond - Bringing HeART to Healing.  Too Cool 


For all the grieving families and inspired by the light and life of tropical Australia.   Ray Of Sunshine 4 paths to reconnect with spirit and destiny in a population with perpetual grief and a tourist facade. Four paths to transformation. Via Transformativa   Via Positiva     Via Negativa  Via Creativa 

Original Innocence  Original Blessing - Peacock  

SOCIAL INNOVATION  Stolen Destiny Below- An exploration - Real Pride.   

The top corner reminded me of the Olympic torch which ran along the Cairns Esplanade,  with a big parade and American marching bands, hullaballoo for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


Yothu Yindi on stage  and Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic Beacon 

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