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Your local unfunded, unaffiliated gig-guide since 2003.  Fostering the 2% of what we read, hear & view that comes from mainstreet. It isn't contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, sell you a product, or in the words of wikipedia - 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.  

Local all The Way!  Maybe we have the cultural low self-esteem of a young nation.

But who cares what America is selling.  Thank God Gina's too busy making money to make  MUSIC    NQ Music Press  Capital and monopoly don't imply vision, knowledge or authority but may alter percieved value of their product above local work.  Critical Thinking 


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Cairns Tropic Jazz Club    Joseph Geia

“Music is in crisis. Like many other basic human values and “instincts” it has been privatised, corporatised, manipulated and commodified. The traditions of elementary communication, sorrow and hope expressed through music have now become A job opportunity for the practitioner, and a money-spinner for everybody else involved in getting the listener and performer in the same room. The traditional meaning of music that reaches back for thousands of years is in danger, and that is where the focus should be.”   Jackie Orszacsky - 1948 - 2008      NQ Music Press

 Is Vote with Your Wallet Relevant in a Time of Torrents



Newcomers say it is marvellous today - but Cairns musicians were even more of a big extended family 20 30 40 years ago. 

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