Abraham Maslow

The Hierarchy of Human Needs - Abraham Maslow


Tony Robbins concisely lists the human needs as 


"Certainty - security consistency in our relationships 

Uncertainty (variety) Challenges that will excercise our emotional and physical range

Significance - Importance, needed wanted and worthy of love

Love and connection

Growth - develop

Contribution - going beyond our own needs  





"Maslow is a humanistic psychologist . Humanists do not believe that human beings are pushed and pulled by mechanical forces, either of stimuli and reinforcements (behaviorism) or of unconscious instinctual impulses (psychoanalysis). Humanists focus upon potentials. They believe that humans strive for an upper level of capabilities. Humans seek the frontiers of creativity, the highest reaches of consciousness and wisdom. This has been labeled "fully functioning person", "healthy personality", or as Maslow calls this level, "self-actualizing person." 


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