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"Sufi lore of individual enlightenment through knowledge and love." - Robert GravesFront Cover


Idries Shah has introduced to the West a remarkable collection of traditional and contemporary tales. Their wisdom penetrates to a depth inaccessible to intellectual knowledge. They are widely acknowledged for their beauty and entertainment value, but these stories are also skillfully designed exercises. The movement of the characters portray psychological processes, and the story becomes a working blueprint of the mind, moving the reader towards his own vision of truth in a way no ordinary tale could do.”  — Robert Ornstein, psychologist, author of The Right Mind 



Robert Ornstein Mind Real   -   Teaching Stories and the Brain  --library of CongressFront Cover



Learning How To Learn 


Psychology and spirituality in the Sufi Way -Idries Shah




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A unique and little-known religion, Sufism follows a mystical teaching and a way of life that has had an enormous though largely unrecognized impact on both the East and West for four thousand years.  This authoritative book fills a colossal gap in Western documentation of Eastern subjects.    



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How did this fragmented Third World country come to win three wars against the British Empire and precipitate the breakup of Russia, the superpower? Afghan Caravan is a collection of writings that takes the reader on a spellbinding journey through Afghanistan the Unconquerable. It contains a narrative from a Pathan princess; heroic war stories; tips on savvy carpet-buying; Mulla Nasrudin jokes from the front lines of the Mujahidin; even the Great Pilau Recipe of Khalifa Ashpaz, master chef of the Hindu Kush, which was reportedly once served to 4,000 guests. More than entertaining, Afghan Caravan presents an unprecedented view of a great people, their dauntless fighting spirit, and their near-maniacal hospitality. It is the telling of a history rich in adventure, tradition, and wisdom. Revealed is a magnificent culture, hidden from our history books, contributing to the human story in ways most Westerners are never aware of. - Google Books












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