Robert Bly


 Iron John - by Poet Robert Bly.


- from the Preface


"The hearth and fairy stories have passed , as water through fifty feet of soil, through generations of men and women and we can trust the images more than, say those invented by Hans Christian Anderson.  The images the old stories give - stealing the key from under the mothers pillow, picking up a golden feather fallen from the burning breast of the firebird, finding the wildman under the lake of water, following the tracks of ones own woulnd through the forest and finding it resembles the tracks of a god - hese are eant to be taken slowly into the body.  They continue to unfold, once taken in."


" My first teacher was Marie Louise Von Franz, and I have tried to be as true to the masculine stories as she has been to the feminine in her many books."    -         Marie Louise Von -       

 (student of Bly) -James Hillman   - The Soul's Code   "The Jung  is dedicated to exploring questions of meaning which engage the individual as well as the varied cultures in which we live. This conversation is greatly enlarged by the contributions of C. G. Jung, (1875-1961) and the rich permutations of analytical psychology which continue to develop."


Syncronet -  the work and philosophy of Eliza Selton


Maiia: Chapter Six on bringing the warrior spirit in every one of us back to life is most profound, well written and useful knowledge equally relevant regardless of gender or age. 


RobertBly -  "Each child lives deep inside his or her own psychic house, or soul castle, and the child deserves the right of sovreignty inside that house."

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