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Going to the web to discover what other people have put up about the Greenman archetype, and affirming inasmuch that it's appearance in Australia, suggests the growing down into country of the celtic migrants.                   I've also included The Wildman stuff...


 Green Man Festival   Greenman Festival


MIKE HARDING Green Man       

Warning PG  May contain Morris Dancing...


THE GREEN MAN REVIEW - Roots and Branches of Arts and Culture


 THE YELLOW MAN   Pauline Bewick - an Irish Artist comes to very similar theme  with her works


 IRON JOHN/Hans  Getting poetic - Robert Bly reads Kabir/ Rumi     ROBERT BLY  JAMES HILLMAN

    Syncronet   - Carl Jung



LORD OF THE DANCE  - Local Irish Gatherings  in North Queensland.  Dance in Cairns


Tam mixes with the green energy, sends over  (below) Michael Flately's opening number from the Lord of the Dance.     Marijuana Music Awards


Uncylopaedia: "IRA The Irish Riverdance Academy is a place where young Irish people come to learn how to do their national dance and combat the English forces of Morris dancing. Based in Dublin, Ireland, it is currently headed by Michael Flatley, also known as "Lord of the Dance" his heroic conquests of the American dancers on Broadway.  - bit of yarn there at Wikipedia explaining Irish dance history.     Humour



Robert Bly and the  Wildman story 

The Pick of Destiny - has a great wildman sketch - with Jack Black.


XTC - The Green Man - from their record Apple Venus 1999


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