Media Reform
 CONTENT GENERATION   - "Our own media in our own hands"  
Head east on the journey of the rising sun on the southern hemisphere.  Cross Polynesia and the Pacific Ocean to the land of the Incas and Maya, the South Atlantic to Angola, southern Congo and Tanzania. Madagascar, The Seychelles and the Indian ocean takes us in to WA where like a giant Aboriginal flag the sun rises over the red earth of the Kimberlys, the Pilbara, the Northern Territory the Gulf of Carpentaria Torres Strait and Cape York just like it has always done.   
Brindle Style - Southern Tropics of Capricorn 
Media reform aims to move in tune with public needs and away from a perceived bias toward corporate, government or political interests. Enabling those who are marginalized means of publication and dissemination of information. Media Justice, refers to an analytical framework and a regional, grassroots movement led by historically disenfranchised communities to transform media and cultural production, rights, and policy in the service of social justice. A new way to understand and redistribute media power to achieve fair and accessibleinformation and cultural apparatus" wikipedia
You never saw so many Lords with their sticky beaks in Australia as the period of early broadcast media. (Except maybe the start up of the Liberal party but that's just guesswork) - and this just an artists narrative.


The major chess-move for global consolidation of uppercrust power though was, having decimated Australian free press potential, to then reapply the same systems (tactics) in Europe and America.


Over 5,000 staff were sacked raising questions about ownership and control of the media, access to it, the organisation of work and the impact of computerisation. Brindle Style- Net Neutrality  The writing was on the wall as Thatcher's police came down in charges of police horses bearing batons on the picket lines.


January of 1986 Rupert Murdoch had moved News International from Fleet St to East London. 


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