The Lion

Robert Crumb: "I don't work in terms of conscious messages, I can't do that.  It has to be something I am revealing to myself as I am doing it.  Which is hard to explain.  Which means while i'm doing it i don't know exactly what it's about."more...

Maiia; This work took longer to create than the journey across the ocean by pirate ship.              


Julian Young: "What's with the lion in the rainforest?Ray Of Sunshine


"There's no lofty sentiment. More like - Narnia is a great yarn and a nice picc'y for storytelling with the neighbourhood children.  
 The new paradigm needs permission to rise  - not bombardment with bullshit.
 So just a little feminist I shall not leave the the self proclaiming 'dominant culture' to drown out all subtle tones with raucus affectations of great knowing and no justification. 

Over the years a richer more personal narrative evolves from the environment. The music in the background, current affairs and community events.  Brindle Style 2013 - A decade of independent media production  Join us for Season Ten - The World Wide Journey of the Rising Sun on the Tropics of Capricorn.


Even in the land of kangaroos and koala - Lion is still a popular cultural symbol of sovreignty. 

Norma Mc Carthy (a leo) took exception to his sheep-dog look and says start again...  

Lion is powerful 




 Outsider Art the fringe and beyond.  


Adelaide and Melbourne have a go but the fountainhead of art is remote north QLD where millions of dollars have been artificially and deliberately put into community development .  It's a good idea - but how's it working?  

Australia 2020  Plan





Sumit Lion for me is intelligent and clever animal... the most powerful one, however this picture depicts something else...


:Maiia protection?

Sumit   its a shepherd who is sitting amongst the the most deadly animals however he is all into his meditation and no animal is even daring to harm him coz he has love and compassion and is totally inside, focused on innerself...


Maiia: Beautiful
Sumit That's what it means to me... thank u

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