Ribbon In The Sky

Shared narrative.  Captain Cook named Poverty Bay when England 'discovered' Aotearoa in 1769 - like they named Trinity Inlet here in Cairns Australia.  Mixed memories of Aotearoa, Narnia and the Southern Hemisphere - TROPICS of CAPRICORN


Ribbons in the sky and ribbons through the water, fluidity, continuity and embracing arms in opposite corners. Stevie Wonder weavin'in the workshop- woven into the story.   "As above so below."  Bridging Heaven and Earth    

 The sun theme comes from a squid carving in a photo of my mother at Maori Women's Welfare League Waikawa marae opening. There is also an undocumented sketch (painted) from the photo left.


"This candle is really going to be burning for the joy that we've experienced in the past, the sorrows and pains of the past, for the joys that we've experienced today and are experiencing today in those sorrows and pains and the energies of love and positivity of all those times as we burn a candle for tomorrow" - Stevie Wonder -Detroit 1984.
The good life in a premodern post colonial diaspora. Carrying not the cold of Europe but 'a candle for tomorrow"     
Maiia: Painted while reading aloud C.S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia.  In one book Lewis has Reepicheep the warrior mouse rows off in faith- "furtherest East" which I happen to know something about.  
Further in to the construction process of the painting Reepicheep is parked up under a mango tree in panel two. Later he disappears altogether from the picture. 
  Make you 
wonder at the mind of the immigrant carrying the cold of their history and hemisphere.  Why reconstruct a poor system from an old drawing board?
Julian Young "What's with the lion in the rainforest?"  
This work followed   Hope    -also with a sun theme.  THAT AHA Moment.  reCognition.


Social Innovation  Inspired by the hilly, mangrove background, The Aquatic Club  million dollar view of Trinity Inlet an' Dunwoody's gap. And the False Cape campaign to avoid turning it into real estate.   Globalism like Justice  it seems is blind.  

Hey Maiia! I checked out ya work i think it is cool i like the ribbon of the suns rays its a great idea i like the peaceful harmonic theme running through your work it is important to express and send those messages out there i say dont knock it till ya try it and if you cant do it than give praise and dont dis it! have fun! peace dan - Daniel Worth
Kia ora Maiia, your art piece speaks of many colours and reminds me of an art piece that was once hanging on the HB Williams Memorial Library, Gisborne. It has that 'Folk' look to it as well, if that's the look you were after (and the style of C. Lewis). Your art piece also has some kind of 60's psychedelic look to it and an exotic pacific look too! Right time for summer and has a dreamy 'once upon a time' look on it. Nice framing by the suns rays too... Tiaki Terekia 
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