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Maiia: Cultural self esteem; personal and national identity as expressed in the arts is a momentum behind Brindle Style so I was thrilled to meet film-maker Reihana Waru celebrating Waitangi Day 2008 in  Cairns Australia.


 Rei (Ray) reminded me how much it meant as a child to read the wonderful writing of  Witi Ihaimaera and our local culture in Gisborne.  (NZ)  It feels so good when you're a part of the story.  Or better- the story is part of you.

   BUDA DJI DREAMING -   Movie - Review  


Brother Rei originally from New Lynn in Auckland arrived in Cairns in 1984, a lot of us locals remember him from the old Heidi's Bar played bass and doing harmonies for three years.  The tamariki were all born here.


So how does a lawnmower contractor become a world-class film-maker?  I didn't get a real good answer on that.  Spirit and Kids. And - Because you can - I believe too - our education feature's called  You CAN DO IT     However we will be exploring indpiration and motivation in depth through this site...  What do we do when it gets real difficult? 


Heard a great quote on BBM the other day "It's hard to beat a falla that doesn't give up"  It's one I'm keeping in mind with this project.


Reihana Waru: "If it hasn't come at great cost it doesn't have great value."



BUDA DJI DREAMING    has been selected for the Garden State Festival  April 5th which will give



further international exposure.  And further distribution oppurtunities which has been the most difficult part about these years of hard work.


 'It is wonderful having a Dad who shows his love, shows his affection for his children and delights in us.  Those simple morning kisses have done wonders for my soul."  -Sabrina Waru   


Sabrina Waru:  Youth Pastor and now author at age 21.  Lady In Waiting -My Space    A book about honouring Self, Spirit, and sexuality. 


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