SCHOOL OF ARTS  - Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.


LOCAL Music    “Music is in crisis. Like many other basic human values and instincts it has been privatised, corporatised, manipulated and commodified. The traditions of elementary communication, sorrow and hope expressed through music have now become a marketable product A job oppotunity for the practitioner, and a money-spinner for everybody else involved in getting the listener and performer in the same room. The traditional meaning of music that reaches back for thousands of years is in danger, and that is where the focus should be.” Jackie Orszacsky - 1948 - 2008 


FARCEBOOK IS The EASY WAY TO DELIVER CONTENT - More options than you can poke a stick at!


Prog Folk & World Music    Brindle Style - Country and Bluegrass   Funk and Fusion   


Classical Music   Brindle Style - Jazz     Blues   Aussie Rock


Brindle Style - Guitar     Brindle Style - Bass       Brindle Style - Drums


Join us on the  worldwide journey of the rising sun across the southern hemisphere


TROPICS of CAPRICORN studio THE PEACE ROOM (Australia)      

SCHOOL OF ARTS  - Project and Professional development for creative industries.



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