Mission & Vision



An artists sketch book.  Southern Hemisphere - Tropic of Capricorn - an ancient world of hero tales and wild frontiers. Of treasures, pirates, sharks, dinosaurs, maidens, and mermen.


   Celebration of Life


Brindle Style Artists Network is a hyperactive and evolving new-media event. It originates in the old-school community print tradition.  Built for learning, empowering and inspiring creative community since 2001. ABOUT US


Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for wisdom, discrimination, generosity and good will toward a brave new era of social, economic and restorative justice, human dignity and  Nonviolence 


THE PEACE ROOM   Cultural Mapping for Creative Community   Raising questions and holding space for inter-industry and intergenerational exploratory conversations to occur.


SYNCRONET - Elders Forum and Master Training The NEW Paradigm is definitely an ELDER Paradigm.   Let us decolonise the transnational conglomerate economies of media and entertainment.  Vote with your wallet.

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