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Bryan Joseph Law (1954-2013) is a prominent Australian peace activist who became well-known after breaking into Pine Gap in 2005 CAAT as a protest against the Iraq War, and again for breaking into a military base in Rockhampton in 2011 and hammering a hole into a military helicopter to ensure that it couldn't operate.


- PEACE ACTIVIST Disarms Helicopter


Law and Margaret Pestorius coordinated the Cairns Peace By Peace nonviolence organisation. Law also disrupted the logging on world heritage site Fraser Island, as just one of the many times that he proved [how?] that passive resistance and peaceful protests work, inspiring the next generation of Australian Peace Activists. - wikipedia


Cairns Peace by Peace Blog     #ClosePineGap


MAIIA: I first heard of Bryan Law publicly challenging the dangerously limiting media monopoly held by the Cairns  "local" newspaper - that Media Watch  described as the second worst newspaper in Australia (next to Darwin) 


ABC Radio National -The Law Report -Pine Gap Transcript CAAT - Christians Against All Terrorism

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