Why Not?



Sometimes a stumbling block is a missing step.  We reckon we can teach anyone WHO REALLY WANTS TO LEARN, by filling in developmental steps.  Attending to unfinished business.   Vision Board


There are myriad reasons why learning stages are by-passed but if you want, they'll be overcome.  And fun.  One of the best things about a sense of purpose is it makes obstacles less important - when you know your goal, obstacles, like mountains can and will be moved.   Words to Look Out For 


Maiia: Via Transformativa Obstacles and stumbling blocks are inevitable.  So you build in contingincies- plan Bs.  Losing 50 pages is discoraging to most people.  When Brindle Style 1.0 fell apart I lost a thousand pages. This is God's sense of humour I think.  Are you really committed? Then show me.


I don't have enough brains, money, talent, youth, looks, self-confidence... etc, all the excuses are available...  Transcending these self-doubts is easier with a reason.  Excuses are for people without a reason.


The Work Experience - Live...   

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