Collateral Improvement

Even though we've helped millions of people all around the world.  Supported thousands of artists in every field, and had glorious feedback through decades of creative industry.  This week a decison was almost made to end the project.



Season 21 at Brindle Style Artists Network.


Hullo hullo, Maiia here on the lands of the Yugambeh Peoples in eastern Australia. Editor, curator, originator whatever it is that all these years of many and varied works adds up to. 


A cat went up the Bunya tree and birds for miles around began to sound a cacophony of electronic car alarms and sirens! Parrothead, I mean parrotmouth blighters!  Freakin weirdos - "Sing Your OWN Song."


The birds come to eat the bitie things, other biting things come to eat the birds.  YAY for The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise - in a NUT Shell!  There's real excitement in the air, that performative arts and community events work will be back this year.


Project & Professional Development Skills  


Maria Lesley Tonks: "Collateral damage is a euphemism from the Vietnam war machine.   #FreeAssange And in 2021 THERE IS A LOT of it in the beureaucratic stranglehold of computerising old systems. In the computing community it refers to harmful, incidental consequences that are caused by the introduction of technological systems.  The Gold Coast seems mired in unintended consequences of external forces.  The banks being some of the worst!  


LUCKILY - the opposite is ALSO A Thing.  Communication and information that heals and helps us to know better and do better. 

Using COMMUNICATION Technology in a virtual vortex of creative endeavour over the past three years is showing results. As well as the collateral damage - there are also the positive unintended consequences of willynilly digitalising the world.  


Stephen Hilton began sharing his experience of Addiction and 12 Step  RECOVERY and boy did that blow up! DEEP Natural Communication - with the wonderful consequence of HELPING MILLIONS OF People. Now he brings a compassionate heart to his music in new and exciting ways.  BEAUTIFUL WAYS.  I am reminded of the Japanese film Departure where the musician's mastery is found through his journey of Life and LIVING.


This year we will look more deeply at MORAL INJURY,  and continue to research for you all the best ways to GET Better and better.


"That is a price I am willing to pay."  Lord Farquad  (Shrek)  


     A CELEBRATION OF LIFE - Making PTSD A Thing of the Past. 


Where's 'Karen' when it is Head Office that needs an arse kickin' 







Brindle Style came online for International Women's Day 2003. It is an artists narrative and an evolving framework for learning, empowering and inspiring creative community. "The Murri Grapevine is notoriously reliable and well-informed and if you step out - as JOURNALISM ONCE HAD TO every community has it's own political and social commentator and amateur economist.



Brindle Style isn't contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, sell you a product, or in the words of wikipedia - 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.' We're just part of the 2% of what we read, hear & view that comes from mainstreet.


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