The Artists Way


new feature at Brindle Style in 2021...


The Artist's Way - Creative Recovery by Julia Cameron



This book is AMAZING!  For want of a better superlative.  The Artists Way  has been translated into forty languages and over five million copies have been printed.


Free up the writer within by feeding, nurturing and disciplining the creative spirit.  Develop a regular creative practise. Using the process Julia Cameron calls Morning Pages - which is more than just a daily writing practice, you gain greater clarity, integrity and focus.


Part of the magic is the power of a fearless and searching moral inventory as they say in the 12 Steps. 

Using the process Julia Cameron calls Morning Pages .  This is more than just a discipline in daily writing practice, you also gain in clarity, integrity and focus. 




BRINDLE STYLE - WRITING visits the Australian state of TASMANIA this summer. The Island is home to many talented writers and artists and to master crafters and makers of all sorts!


REALLY why go further away?  Tasmania is phenomenal!!





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