"Everyone should practise an artform because no matter how good or bad, it will enrich the soul.'  Kurt Vonnegut


Punter: "I wish I could paint too."  


Maiia: "Go forya Life. Here's a brush.   Pick a colour, any colour."


Which folk will say - 'oh no not Me - I can't' - is impossible to predict. Some will take the brush, grin and do a stick figure waving from the top of the hill?  And being Cairns - maybe a swastika and think that it's funny.  


Validation and peer recognition being genuine human needs.   Fear of ridicule and rejection can be disabling. Stage fright being a very obvious example.  JUDGELESS EVALUATION  Many will tell a story they made up - I CAN'T because...   - "I haven't got enough money, time, brains, talent, verbal dexterity, looks, physique, education, confidence, social status." etc' . 


Arts may sound a call, paint a picture, of Life more real than circumstance.  The burly bully may have a soft spot for an articulate turn of phrase.  A reCognition, even a love of the dignity and solidity of brilliant words - well delivered. 


I Am & The Elevator Pitch


Abraham Maslow originator of the most useful HIERARCHY OF HUMAN NEEDS.  Introduced the word personality as it relates to ego.  Maslow describes self-actualization as a person's need to be and do that which the person was "born to do."  

hahaha - an old page from 2007... 


"To tell you the truth I've met alcoholics, junkies and crackheads with more talent than ten gallery workers put together."  


"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, and a poet must write."   -VOCATION





Where there is a will there is a Way!





What a luvly pair -False humbleness and false pride.






Australian Painting -  beginning students.ONE

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