I Want...
"Remember that your current conditions do not reflect your potential but rather the size and quality of the goals on which you are currently focussing." - Tony Robbins.
 SO - What DO you want?

This can be a very difficult question to answer at times.


Courage Love Joy - Explore frequencies you would like to live. Develop the skills and ability to self-determine and self-actualeyes. Get clear and specific.  Get organised.  Get functional.  Get rich quick! >Yes arts and creative industries is a crazy, impossible and unrealistic space to work in -  For sure!


Maiia Brindle


   Why Not?      SOCIAL INNOVATION Dialogue


 Excercises we use to facilitate learning: Healthy Happy & Wise   Vision Board


In The STUDIO: We offer occasional Artist in Residence Spaces.  You can check out the workings at The Peace Room by hooking in to our arsebook pages and groups.


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