On the train, in bed, in the garden, at a cafe, walking to town. You can log in on your mobile device or computer to see how you're doing within the Brindle Style - School of Arts framework any time.


Regular news, learning tools and tips are loaded into the old FarceChook (facebook) so you can shadow the operations of a working Studio in action.  There's nearly a decade of it.


Monday - Organisation SO - WHEN?  When will you do the activities that will give you the ability to perform effectively?


We like to utilise a Vision Folder but equally you can use modern digital systems to store plans, notes and ideas. BE SPECIFIC with timing and planning to build the headspace that is aware of our own tendencies to procrastinate, avoid or be lackadaisical.


NIGHTSCHOOL - This is a course of learning reminiscent of B.C - Before Computers. You can do all your daily tasks and then instead of watching tele of an evening - get in to something that really takes your fancy.  Something that will produce outcomes far greater than just consuming the content others produce for their own financial benefit.




 Self Assessment

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