Be Engaging with your Media Content
WINTER 2018 -  Maria Lesley Tonks, Photographer at Brindle Style Artists Network (Australia)
Maiia Brindle


Find your potential customers, through building awareness and public support. Fill your 'pipeline' - of potential, as they say. 


Find a speil, a gimmick, a comic routine, a style of performance that will make us stand out among the billion individuals and organisations also trying to push an agenda online.


We do need to Build A BRAND as mainstream schooling has been selling us for so long. LOL - you can go overboard and copyright a colour of BLUE - like ANZ, but that's pretty neurotic and self-important.  Not to mention a difficult level of dtail for the average family busniness.



The best approach is

- go Back to Basics and BE Authentic.


Tuesday's - Communication and Presentation Skills  


Monday - Organisation


YES - THERE ARE COPIERS - PARROTS - EVERYWHERE. You don't need to have a mental illness to find people are stealing your shit.  It's true, they are, they will, both knowingly and unknowingly.  DIVING into it - is one copystance this past year. Haha and there are a few who will come across as authentic even with the use cliches, buzz words and phrases.  


Theft of content, intellectual and cultural property is occurring in every way - all of the time and making wankers various levels of rich.   Basically though you need big money to go big with bullshit for big returns. YES - it will work.  But that's not our audience here, and is boring AF for all concerned except on payday. 

SCHOOL OF ARTS Who are you? Who do you represent? Fill in those ABOUT sections of your online project pages. Write your ELEVATOR PITCH - PRESENT YOUR PITCH TO VIDEO  Tuesday - Presentation and Communication 



Brindle Style isn't contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, sell you a product, or in the words of wikipedia - 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.We're just part of the 2% of what we read, hear & view that comes from mainstreet. 

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