The Good All Rounder
The good all rounder is an old term that is or was used to describe a person who is really HANDY.

NIGHTSCHOOL  2019 -  The Good All Rounder 


From the frayed edges of the fringe, to community events,  Cottage Industry and to small business and larger companies and organisations.  A good all rounder is practical and useful to have around. A person who has a variety practical skills, willingness, and experience that allows them to contribute in a variety of situations, from strategy and systems to opening up communication or cleaning the kitchen.  It includes having understanding, a broad view and good attitude. 



This is part of how an apprentice becomes a master on the heroes journey. With willingness to turn up and stand up. To learn and to grow, to put in the necessary hours and effort required to FINISH a task. It means being up for  a challenge - be it mindful or mindless.  Qualities of character will be developed stamina, confidence, knowledge and wisdom. 


Cultural Mapping   Individual Mastery with SYNCRONET- Master Training


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