The Good All Rounder

Sometimes the good guys DO win in the 'real world.'  Affability over ability.
An ability to communicate well and solve problems are tremendous assets.  Being courteous and reliable, someone that others will want to work with is also vital.  

NIGHTSCHOOL  2019 -  The Good All Rounder 


From the frayed edges of the fringe, community events, and Cottage Industry to small business and larger companies and organisations. The good all rounder is an old term that is used to describe a person who is really HANDY.  Practical and useful to have around with a broad view and good attitude. A person with practical skills, willingness, and experience that is able to contribute in a variety of situations, from strategy and systems to cleaning the kitchen.  



A person who is willing to learn and to put in the necessary hours and effort required to FINISH a task. Up for challenge - mindful or mindless.  Qualities of character will be developed and you won't know that you don't know - yet: stamina, confidence, knowledge and wisdom. This is how an apprentice becomes a master.  That is the heroes journey.


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