The Little Eichmanns - Just doing my Job

Maiia  Folk  across  the  street,  across  oceans,  across  time,  have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground, even Sacred Ground. 



"JUST DOING MY JOB" - Korea, the Vietnam war era, the 1960s... the 1970s... the 1980s and 1990s. September 11 2001, Iraq, Aghanistan, Yemen, Syria... 


After a tumultuos relationship with Great Britain, foolish Australia rushed into a second marriage to America, England's Frankenstein monster, at invasion, inception and independence. A hasty assemblage of a monster and everyone in it's monstrous path mere grist for the mill. Decade upon decade. Monsterous yesmen devouring anonymous families, communities and business without a thought.


From undermining community led trauma, healing and prevention services; lands and resource rights -to violating every freedom, every standard of civilised behavior - even being led by the nose into being involved in carrying out Crimes Against Humanity including violations of international law. The IRAQ INQUIRY


AUSTRALIA began developing community wellbeing programmes as early the 1970s. Breakthrough community solutions, the last 40 years see our research ignored, and programmes piloted and then diluted or dropped.  Due to an irrational and emotional fear of communism back then  - to a virtual poverty, homelessness, and mental health industrial complex today.  So I was horrified to see in a video interview about an Israeli post trauma prevention team in Canada talking about serving the people of Manchester. Like it's realy SOMETHING - WTF - we ordinary Australians already know this, wrote books about it - during the 1980s and 90s.  No need for the supercilious tone.   


The Little Eichmans was a term used by Ward Churchill  on Sept 12 2001 - to describe the mechanisms BEHIND global economics failure. Gee did the falla get in the shit. 


We're all familiar with Muppets following orders 'just doing 'my job' - from the smallest to the WORST.   That job of the little Eichmans is to obey their superiors. In Australia it includes badgering homeless women in an emotional state who need CARE and support. Child removal.  Bashing people.  Taking things personal - while supposedly acting in a professional capacity. Which would be good if hierarchies of competency - as Jordan Peterson calls them were actually more REAL, than is my experience.


There is something nice about a simple life of following leaders, and faithful parroting.If you can't/won't - be a parrot - Ward Churchill you don't get the flash jobs, and promotions, the money and status... (to wear like a damn fig leaf to cover the shame of not knowing, and being human and fallible. - AS if that crime is not also a part of Grace - until you start hiding behind fictions.   


Speaking truth to power can be MOST UNWELCOME. It can be a BS strategy too and I don't mean Brindle Style. If POWER doesn't actually give a fuck. Power the mad doctor of a frankenstein monster cobbled from bits - but not truely human. 


I been bashing my head against too many white walls for too long not to know I can NEVER GET THROUGH to certain people - the European diaspora as it manifests illusions of culture and values. I am Left looking at NEVER - and that is a REALLY LONG TIME. They will NEVER listen. Left looking NOT at eternity - but a picture of Hell. Like reality is the Emperors New Clothes and you're the kid pointing at the King - while the councillors and crew all play along , and into the hands of the scoundrels weaving fictious garments and pocketing all the gold. THEN YOU SHOUT OUT ABOUT THE BS - AND GET A FLOGGING FOR IT.  


I remember the teacher in grade one asking me what's the moral of the story and wondering - Isn't it your job as the teacher to TELL me what the lesson is... and my job to listen and THINK about it...? For the consequences for being WRONG can be costly. 

Maiia  Folk across the street,  across oceans, across time,  have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground, even Sacred Ground. 

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