The Inflow Matrix Operating System


12115990_10205530724887164_4394602158932780787_n.jpgAre you tired of meetings that go nowhere? Shallow connections, people who don't know who you are,and don't care to?


Are you tired of lodging documents, files, resolutions, reports papers and royal commissions that CHANGE NOTHING?


Are you over people who compete for attention and do not listen to what is being said? 

Elijah Ignatieff: The Inflow Matrix is the result of 20 years of research and development. A holistic values centred thinking system. A Way to break through the walls that separate us from each other. A way to identify our limiting communication patterns and to release them.   


Shared Knowledge Community  It takes conscious effort to consciously communicate. To be aware of the impact of our words. To speak our truth with clarity and be aware of what blocks that, both within and without.


Maiia Between the European diaspora and transnationalism even the most remote Indigenous communities are losing healthy shared knowedge traditions, stability and the clear and coherant thinking we once had at individual and collective levels. Premodernism and Postcolonialsim 


15966259_10154633265939193_4619024851425108470_n.jpg Communication is the outer expression of our thinking. Most people's inner worlds are a mystery to each other.

We arrange words in a very diverse manner so while we're communicating -the same word may have a very different meaning for all those in the conversation.


The Inflow Matrix uses a set of structure words that all people share. Communication then has the same reference point in meaning. If you and I share the same map while we were talking about something, our communication is going to be greatly improved compared to if we didn't.


The Inflow Matrix has four primary levels:  


Individual; One to One; Group and Community levels


A holistic arrangement of concepts, the words on a map represent a part to a larger whole. They are all connected together, though they are not separated parts. When groups of people share these maps to organize communities organizations and/or teams they then share the same language reference points to organize all the activities of the enterprise to achieve the vision mission and goals that have been agreed upon.


Shared meaning creates a shared reality, so if we share a universal map of how to organize a community we can then go through a process to identify values we all share to program the field of this community.


The inflow matrix operating system has a very unique way to do so. Values are words such as cooperation or trust or love depending upon your choice. Once a community or organization or team or individual goes through a process of identifying their shared values, they then have the reference point of a more meaningful and significant conversation about how to realize and manifest these values, while attaining their shared vision mission and goals. The shared values and vision create a field of energy with greater flow for the group.


You are a unique individual with tremendous gifts to share, these gifts usually appear as values you might embody compassion integrity or truth each individual can share their gifts with the rest of the team by being a role model for that value. Your strengths cover other people's weaknesses as their strengths cover your own.An individual is felt as greater synergy for the team and greater harmony for the community 


Design your ideal job based upon your gifts and talents and what you love to do. This is an invitation to enter a value centered existence which is good for you good for your family good for your organization, good for your community and good for our planet and the seven generations.


School of Conscious Communication. One of the main programs that we teach facilitators is how to help clients and allies create and run their enterprises with conscious value systems. 

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