Basic Income

OMG - LIES OF OMMISION... targeting Mandurah for DRUGTESTING to push the Foodstamps regime.  THEY FOGOT TO MENTION METH AMPHETAMINE is not drug testable!!  IS A PROBLEM IN THE WORKPLACE - BECAUSE OF THIS >>> so the south PERTH problem does NOT LINK conveniently as the public are being LED TO IMAGINE thanks to recent publicity about 'water testing revelations' 


Wake up to yourself - while there's still an Australia left to ROB.



Limiting the wages and conditions of those who are working and massive unemployment rates is not the best solution to controlling inflation.  With the wisdom of hindsight,you can see how that thinking became irrelevant. Australian labour and industry was sold out, first in a constant and mind numbing media rhetoric about communism and free enterprise during the 1970s, and then in reality during the 1980s.


Moreover foodstamps, SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or as they're calling it in Australia the Basics Card is neither the solution to sustainable food production and affordable housing nor is it a how to of spending welfare payments wisely.


It's more like a microcosm of a world wide web of power and global poverty making, that goes on decade upon decade, of the rich continuing to grow richer and the poor getting poorer.


Our children suffer today, not from a lack of knowledge but as the direct result of point blank unwillingness to listen and a deep seated and mentally and morrally bankrupt refusal to stand corrected. 


Calling introduction of the Basics Card a "trial" is a deliberate, piece of B.S and I don't mean Brindle Style. It was possumly a trial when it was used on remote Indigenous communities as part of the so-called 'Northern Territory Intervention.' A trial inasmuch as it tested the implementation and activation of the systems and technology, minimise the drama - MAINSTREAM con up.


UNLIKELY as it may appear, the offshore powermongers are even making  Australians ashamed to BE Aussie. As if their Grandparents went to fight the NAZIS, in order for them TO BECOME NAZIS.  Lol - I'm alluding to ideas that will see you removed from your professorship if you're an Indigenous leader pointing at the World Trade centre in September 2001.  - *


MaiiaI don't have the answers, and if someone says he does, tell him from me he's a liar. Likely a mouthpiece for somebody higher up the money chain who does have an agenda.  An envelope. A brown paper bag - lol.


If you hear folk touting "This is my opinion and I'm entitled to it." - they're probably folk who haven't done their HOMEWORK.   Who want to be in on the convo, and 'in the know' as it's exciting - and like 'the people' - that technique - USED TO WORK.  They're playing at pecking order, if not new world order.


Since the centenary of WW! - 'the war to end all war' as it was known, you are allowed, nay ENCOURAGED to spout patriotism on ANZAC Day to make it SOUND like we are a nation still.  Party politics is already NOTHING to empire and transnational capital at the end of the great depression in Australia, when the liberals were founded.


It's tripley tough if you live in the hellhole pockets. If you live in the remote areas of terror nullius where they voted NO to indigenous inclusion in the 1968 referendum (regional QLD and W.A/ Tablelands) They can even BE the ones saying Australians are racists and dickheads - and pushing the orange-headed character and it's vocal minority up for divide and rule. Oh, a cunning if unimaginative hand they play. That it is occuring world wide is a great indicator. Thankfully that insight can be used to gain greater clarity for better decision making. Thanks to the social media. NO MORE - out of sight - out of mind!  




Preposterous as it may sound BASIC INCOME gets rid of, bottom of the cynical barrel, penpushers and computer punchers.  The _ * little Eichmanns who work in airconditioned /heated offices - to produce and SELL ephemira, rainbows and raw food like the weavers of The Emperors New Clothes.


FREEKONOMICS The administrative cost of welfare is reduced by giving 'hand outs?'

Basic Income reduces bureaucracy. An INCOMPETENCE that frankly BLOWS MY MIND on pretty much a fortnightly basis. What IT does do is give opportunity and recompense back to those of us who do unvalued, UNPAID and UNRECOGNISED work - our women, elders and youth.  Join us in the freekonomics forum-if you want to battle on that subject.

WALDEN'S POND  Bringing HeART to Healing.  Making PTSD a thing of the Past.


MANA TAMARIKI   Youth Forums 2-12 & 13 25 years  SYNCRONET- Master Training & Elders 



Haha MAD da ja vue. Cairns in 1990s. I'm not a GREAT visionary - but I saw globalism take over Melbourne then Perth. Now you walk down the street an never see an old face. Never say g'day to a soul. Never get out of the welfare trap, as the newer (better) people take the job roles. IF the kids get to grade 12... then what? There isn't anything. Sell public parks, schools and churches as real estate? They wouldn' believe there was any such thing as a pied piper. Now their kids are gone.  WINTER Edition 

GLOBALISM & 20 trillion in American debt changes everything


Your transnational leaders think of our working class rights and gains - as communism. They want empire. There were people living in cardboard boxes in the shadow of Trump Tower in New York - BEFORE the World TRADE Centre - came downFREEKONOMICS Now homeles live on the verge outside peoples houses. FOR REAL - and it goes on and on and on for miles.  Hawaii is mad - and now they're getting serious about a basic income.


Transnational conglomerates don't care whether your black, white or brindle - they aren't people, and they don't CARE at at all. Full stop. The bottom line is the bottom dollar.  If Gina Rinehart has her way - that is two dollars.  They don't care who or what colour or what country does the menial, dangerous or difficult work. Just how LITTLE YOU will work for.  * Mining profits in the March quarter, for example, soared 504 per cent from a year earlier. The average wage of the miners producing that wealth rose 0.6 per cent.


On the flipside you can be capitalised by their dogooder orgs - that actually do ef all but rob the public purse - further and maintain their own viability. Feathering their own yes - overseas -nest. The most disgusting this fortnight was an Israeli trauma group turning up in Manchester to tell England what our Mental Health pros spoke about in the 1980s and then wrote in Australia in the 1990s.  Our children suffer today, not from a lack of knowledge but as the direct result of point blank unwillingness to listen and a deep seated refusal to stand corrected. I'm exploring toxic shame as the rationale. 

WINTER Edition



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