FIFTY Years of Creation Spirituality


"There's no such thing as a Jewish ocean and a Lutheran sun and a Buddhist river and a Taoist forest and a Roman Catholic cornfield. Once you move to the level of creation, you're into an era of deep ecumenism, and I think for Mother Earth to survive we need this awakening of wisdom from all world religions, and not just the five-thousand-year-old patriarchal ones, but the goddess religions, the religions of the native peoples of America, Africa, and Asia, and I think this and this alone is going to awaken the human race -- this combination of mystical wisdom -- to its own salvation." - Matthew Fox


The One and Only - Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox - The term “Creation Spirituality” was named for Fox in 1967 by the French Theologian MD Chenu, with whom he studied in Paris. Fox’s teaching and writing career led him to discover more deeply the common threads in countless traditions, and the principles of Creation Spirituality came to be named as Fox further explored and articulated the tradition. “As a movement, Creation Spirituality becomes an amazing gathering place, a kind of watering hole for person whose passion has been touched by the issues of our day – deep ecologists, ecumenists, artists, native peoples, justice activists, feminists, male liberationists, gay and lesbian peoples, animal liberationists, scientists seeking to reconnect science and wisdom, people of prophetic faith traditions – all these find in the Creation Spirituality movement a common language and a common ground on which to stand.”


The list of teachers who have taught with Dr. Fox in the past includes the luminaries of the inter-spiritual network: Carolyn Myss, Andrew Harvey, Jeremy Taylor, Dorsey Blake, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Brian Swimme, Kaleo and Elise Ching, Jean Houston,  Alexandra Kovats, Bruce Silverman, Starhawk, Larry Edwards, Joanna Macy, Michael Mansfield, Marlene DeNardo, and Ana Perez Chisti. 

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