Sydney's 24 7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space


ANZAC is a good time to ponder the 'new media' picture of reality.    How is this 'information era' progressing? 


Henry Lawson, and Charles Dickens meet the Keystone cops on the streets of today.  Sydney's great depression mashup, where the Ghosts of Christmas Past linger on through Easter into May!   Don't blame me if I keep gettin' muddled - is it 1917 or 2017? 


Sydney's 24-7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space .


Lanz Priestly pictured centre and the crew in Martin Place are getting a keystone cops runaround with Sydney police raiding them and throwing away food that the public is bringing them.

Just check this BS out - and I don't mean Brindle Style.  





The City of Melbourne changed council by-laws to effectively ban sleeping in the CBD,  give police power to move people on. 


Maiia Aussie - What's it even mean?  The hunger and devourment of the weak ideas coming through internet - mediocre writers and speakers - makes it hard even for me to recall what the IDEAL or values behind colonial populations forming into nations and contriving a collective identity.  Art reflects Life?


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