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  THE YOUTH VOICE :  MANA TAMARIKI "We're ACCEPTING, RELAXED, COMMUNICATIVE, PROTECTIVE and last but not least - Unphased by Authority."

This page being identified (again) by facebook as dodgey content - must mean we're on the right track? Putting it back up promptly shows... Respect!  Maiia April 2017 




Narcissus of mythology was vainglorius and disdainful. Staring at his own reflection in the water for too long he became spellbound - not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the enchantment of his own reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live and stared at his own reflection until he died.  

SYNCRONET- Elders Forum:    

"It's about truth speaking and truth seeking. It's about sustaining the truth speakers and truth seekers in body, heart and soul. It's about drawing forth public conscience and authentic voice. It's about actively cultivating a culture of peace for present & future generations.And most of all it is about good old fashioned faith. Faith in the innate goodness of humans and the universal desire for peace. Faith in the wisdom of the ancestors and the renewing call of future generations. 

More about preparing the way than raging at the war machine. 

More about meme making than party machines and electoral politics.

More about being true to oneself than holding a job.

We will always be few, always on the margins, poverty and the poor always close at hand.

And the rewards? A life lived fully awake in challenge, adventure and revelation. 

A life rich with story, loving kindness and uplifting friends. 

A life lived in the Light.  - May it be so."   Graeme Dunstan AQUARIUS





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