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  2. "Growing up in Ottawa, Ontario, I was a not so typical Canadian. Always wanting to be different, I demonstrated this in a variety of unusual ways. 

  3. Not many people seemed to understand my particular brand of humor- bordering on zany and somewhat ridiculous. I always felt on the outside looking in. 

  4. It was my way of coping with attempting to fit in to a society that didn’t have much openess to eccentricity or different ways of viewing the world.

 “The Norm’ was not the path that beckoned my interest. For years I seeked for understanding what was so confusing for me, especially how people never seemed to communicate what they were really thinking or feeling. Older people had a way of talking that felt strange. The social veneer was a covering I wanted to loosen up and rip away. I ended up with a teaching degree from McGill university which was never utilized in the normal system.

In 1995 I gave up a painting contracting business and began researching consciousness, thinking and many different spiritual disciplines. I started a Masters Program at Saybrook but soon left it to pursue my own self education. 

The New Paradigm Toolkit An amazing map for community cohesion by -  Elijah Ignatieff  (Canada)


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