Censoring citizen journalling...

A LOAD OF CONJECTURE...                                                                     CREATE EXCELLENT COPY


Within minutes of writing and distribution in 3 or 4 facebook forums the original piece entitled reCognise and reMemeber was blocked in facebook not just our own pages but all of them. Healing the Irrational Fear of the Citizenry is a re-edit with a removal of what I guessed were the problematic key words.



It was interesting that it was reinstated as acceptable later. Guesswork might say it was removed automatically and took a couple of weeks for a real human to read it and go it's - no big deal.


BONUS! A greater readership. I don't mind at all if the powers that be - read ALL my shit.  It can only be a good thing.  Feedback and evaluation would be even more FANTASATIC!  Respect for the Recognition.


In 2009 though that was still a possibility.  I recieved a bizarre message - "What you're doing is highly illegal - but keep it up."  


7 years later I'm guessing, yes again, that it was a reference to loading the entire content of the Bridging Heaven & Earth show out of youtube into their system - the problem of as yet unknowns in COPYRIGHT LAW and digital media innovation and development - how it was to unfold - at that time.



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