Talkin' TO Ya - Not About Ya


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Brindle Style - Unexpurgated!

 There's a whole hearted maturity, where the willingness to listen and stand corrected, leads to where we CAN truely act, as confident individuals. Where we truely can - Speak Truth to POWER.  


STOP DROWNING OUT INDIGENOUS VOICES! What Would Lady Yaga Say? I Know More About the White Man than he knows about himself


1. Learn how to actively listen


Listening to a point without taking it personally is a skill. Talk about Racism needn't be organically grown, plant based, sugar free and served sweetly.

Avoid being 'upset' or acting hard done by.  Especially do not put on the demeanour that justifies reflex hostility.  Upstairs for thinkin'


Quit turning the SUBJECT of conversation away from the speaker and on to YOU.  Acting out with behaviours from the rocky foundation where we're NOT all equal and low self-esteem's ugly twin takes offense and then in seeming de-fense, decides to own the whole conversation. Eg: One person says "Black lives matter!" Another falla says: "ALL lives matter." That response  the speaker, and is completely off topic.  THE convo, the BALL in play -  is not 'ALL lives'  We are talking specifically about RACISM, dominance culture and colonial history.  

2. Educating folks on their own ignorance is kin difficult work.



ReCOGNIZE how unrewarding, unpopular, how emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually exhausting this mediating between communities and worlds views work TRUELY is.  Women especially are expected to carry the social burden of educating the nice as well as the not so nice folka. It's irritating to beyond despair watchngi you try to capitalise on it.




I AM NOT ANONYMOUS Maiia: This page was blocked Sept 1st 2016.  Please note there is NO MENTION of Kalgoorlie HERE- no awful comments by The W.A Minister for Police. FINALLY - An unwillingness to assimilate, to serve and to promulgate the profound sickness of the self-named and proclaimed dominant culture - is not a pathology.  It's IMPORTANT




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