Healing Irrational Fear of the Citizenry.


We must reMember and reCognise that mainstream thinking, systems, organisations and individuals not only passively participate in institutionalised racism - they benefit from it! - Socially, politically and economically.



Stop drawing the focus away from Indigenous voices! 


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Einstein.


The mainstream values the sound of its own voice and consensus thinking, more highly than a broader conversation.  This includes audacious preferencing of book learning - over the lived experience of racism.


"Black lives matter!" - So then -they say - ALL lives matter -THAT goes without saying - if you're not a racist. We're not talking about ALL lives - we're talking about RACISM>"


"I don't think anyone knows the way forward" - said the Kalgoorlie Boulder CEO.




1. Learn how to actively listen in order to hear a point about racism - without expecting it to be candy coated and  delivered ever so sweetly to avoid the hurt feelings that trigger offensive and frightening reflex hostilitywhen a position or a point is raised, or one that has been made - is challenged. This is FURTHER ABUSE.


2. Educating folks on their own ignorance is painful.


ReCOGNIZE how unrewarding, unpopular, how emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting this work is. Women especially are asked to carry this burden, to ever so gently help to fix mainstream brokeness so that the“nice” people can learn and be further enriched.



As Krishnamurti famously said "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."


Unwillingness to assimilate, to serve and to promulgate the profound sickness of the self-named and proclaimed dominant culture - is not a pathology. Running away is a tried and true survival technique.  Best embraced DRUG FREE. 


'Stop drawing the focus away from Indigenous voices, and that includes the censoring and removal of the previous version of this editorial by arsebook - with relevant and current examples." says Maiia editor at Brindle Style Artists Network has over 30 years experience in independent and community-led media production. ABOUT US  Mission & Vision


"The content that is blocked is not inflammatory and it was in fact - more accurate than the mainstream media bill of fear.  Apparently even the ABC published B.S and I don't mean BRINDLE STYLE. It sure is a mark of respect though and Recognition.We're only here to heal intergenerational, intercultural and historical trauma."


 A Community Conversation 2003 - 2015.  SOCIAL INNOVATION DIALOGUE



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