reCognise and reMember

Such an interesting page and process...  first copy was a drama that occured Aug 30 2016. 


"It's beyond audacious to compare a little bit of learning with the lived experience.   Stop drawing the focus away from Indigenous voices! Mainstream values its own voice, ideas and worldview way too highly. "


"I call B.S and I don't mean Brindle Style!" says Maiia  


"West Australian Police Minister Liza Harvey is reported to have said that she "understands the grief and shock felt by the friends and family" of a 14 year old boy who tragically died at Kalgoorlie.  The minister may have lost someone under fateful circumstances.  She may have some cultural awareness training. She may have some recognition of history and the ongoing oppression and debasement of community by the mining fueled state.  - Maybe not.


We do need to ReMember that mainstream but especially transnational thinking, systems and organisations not only passively participate in institutionalised, systemic racism, they benefit from it! Socially, politically and economically.  


"I call BULLSHIT!" says Maiia editor of Brindle Style Artists Network (Australia) 


The point is we really must learn how to stop drawing the focus of community conversations away from Indigenous voices.  An easy example is folks say  "Black lives matter!" - then inevitably comes the back-chant "ALL lives matter"


-We aren't talking about ALL lives - we're talking about RACISM"  It goes without saying - that all lives matter -if you're not a silly person.   



1. Learning how to listen.  You need to be able to hear points about racism without taking it personally, without acting as though the content is being delivered as a personal affront.  Without expecting that the point is delivered ever so gently without hurting your feelings. So as not to trigger offensive and frightening reflex hostility that can happen when a position or a point is raised -or when one that you have made - is challenged, in an intercultural conversation.  That kind of negative response is FURTHER ABUSE.  


LEARNING TO LISTEN will include reCognising, learning to step back from the norms of mysogyny.   Gender dominance


2. Communicating across a cultural divide is difficult.  Some days seemingly impossible. ReCOGNISE that it is unrewarding and it is unpopular to attempt to do so. ReCogniseIt is emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting this work actually is.  Women especially are asked to carry this burden, to NICELY help fix mainstream brokeness so that the it can learn and be further enriched.


An unwillingness to assimilate, to serve and to promulgate the profound sickness of the dominant culture is a GOOD idea.  


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