Programme for 2019   


Don't let schooling stand in the way of a great education


Brindle Style - School of Arts shares a course of learning that can be done on the side, like Nightschool. As drawn from Community Consultations held between 2001 and 2015.    



Brindle Style Artists Network is a Shared Knowledge Community - A trailblazing global fellowship of caring creatives, thinkers, academics, workers and activists. Cultural Mapping  to support and promote independent workplace learning.


The information and project trials were used to identify key areas of need in our community and to gain insight into how to best go about providing assistance.  So that it is enjoyable, inspiring and infinitely practical.  Unlike ordinary school where you can be hardpressed to get kids to turn up, kids and adults alike love and want to participate in these programmes and projects.  Brindle Style - Mission & Vision
With SYNCRONET- Master Training and Elders Forums  
MANA Tamariki Youth forums 2 -12 and 13 - 25 years. 


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