Kasheshcwan was a 1950s idea.  Under Treaty 9 1905. In a land and a time far, far away, 


Kesheschwan is so regional, that when the Post Office misspelled the name - they didn't bother to correct it


"Where the water flows fast" - Kesheschwan, is part of the nonprofit - Mushkegowuk Council located in Moose Factory.  Nishnawbe Aski Nation.  Ojibwa, Oji-cree and Cree, offices are in Thunder Bay.


There are so many patterns in all this you can see the design.  These similarities are very interesting. If you know Australia, you can expect that you will know (intuit) a bit about Northern Ontario Canada.  - And likely other REMOTE area Indigenous communities of the world. 


"Hello people. My name is Gregory Sutherland. I am 16 years old and I am Cree. I live in a reserve named Kashechewan. It is close to Attawapiskat. I have a great and complicated family. I have a huge family in Attawapiskat.

Right now I guess I can say my life is great. I have many friends. I have never felt this happy in years. I am renewing old relationships, I am in a youth council in Kashechewan. All I want to do is to help people. I have helped many.
I am currently trying to eliminate bullying. But that task is really hard and maybe impossible. I asked my chief to help me out with my task and he said he would bring up my idea to the council and deputy chief. I have not been updated on my idea, but whenever I see the chief I will bring it up and see what he says.
I want to call all Chiefs, deputy chiefs, council members and even the other youth council members to help me with my task. It'll be hard to work but I have faith it'll work. Nothing is impossible. So, let's destroy bullying.
I have friends and family who are with me. Please share, like and comment on the facebook page. Try to make other Chiefs see this. Try and get them to see this. Thank you.  Council in Kashechewan. "
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