Brindle Style is not anonymous.  


Maiia Brindle

Maiia Back in 2007 when we wrote this page, Australia's idea of capitalising on 'new media' - was selling compact discs - as if distributing copies of Advance Australia Fair would advance community cohesion.


"More singing is good but it will take more than the National Anthem to reCognise, capture and captilise the creative spirit and emerging cultural narratives.  


  "I don't care whether ya black white or brindle."


Brindle Style was a term we came up with in 2000 when we first came online.  The U.S census 'authorised' folk to identify as being of mixed heritage - multi-racial.  In local parlance Brindle Style is a reference to shared experience. The common ground, the solid ground, the higher ground among folk of varying cultures and heritage.  


BRINDLE: "A brownish or tawny colour of animal fur, with streaks of other colour: coat colours included red, brindle, and yellowish cream."  Oxford
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