Shakespeare's English Teacher



Black an' White and Brindle Style (B.S) 

B.S : "Tonight in the studio we have a very lovely guest. A woman who needs no introduction. Please make welcome Lady Yaga!!"


"Queen of the Stoneage since Stonehenge."

"So tell us if you would Lady Yaga, what was this photo about? The headline reads "Witch incites Brawl!" That doesn't sound like you.
shakespears._engjpg.jpgLady Yaga: "Oh that was a long time ago as I said to Sir Ken "Nobody ever asks, who was Little Shakespeare's English teacher - now do they?  So I left for Germany after that.

You should have seen our NATIVITY play that year. 


Everything was going ship-shape and Brindle Style - until THE PADRONE  and his cronies came on board"  PADRONE Music Group Australasia)



What Would Baba Yaga Say? -  Travelling Light 


What Would Baba Yaga Say?  Maid   Mother   Crone

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