Stevie the Bicycle Riding Wonder Cat



Stevie Mabrwc is a German music producer and cyclist, best known for his work with Lady Yaga.  


 Wagontrain to Wilyacanya


As of 2016 Stevie continues to work as a record producer, mix engineer, arranger and songwriter, in addition to being involved with a variety of other projects in digital media, live production, film, television, and theatrical production.


Stevie's career in music had spanned four decades and his production work has continued into the 21st century, with acts such as ILUMINATA and Moon Gazing.


After co-founding interactive media company, Eleventh Dimension in 1993, Stevie has branched out into philanthropy and activism, with music also introduced into this realm of his life, underpinning projects such as Music Rizing and Young Cyclists for The New Paradigm.


Stevie is also involved in education, co-founding the Brindle School of Arts in 2009.  


Stevie is the winner of a C.I.M Award and was inducted into the Underground Music - Hall of Fame in April 2004.

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