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Health, Safety & Risk   Cottage Industry


PROJECT & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SKILLS FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRY.  Let's get real about productivity, creativity, education, innovation and employment.  Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for good will, good humour, generosity and reciprocity.  Toward wisdom and discrimination.  

  Self-Directed Workplace Thinking  Health Is Every Body's Business. 


When You Enter the Studio - it needs to remain a Safe and Effective Work Space.  


Most of the visitors to the studio have never seen a cottage industry in action and make the same mistakes.  


1. Is the area childsafe?  Child friendly?  MANA TAMARIKI

2.  Elders First - Leave the best seat for those who may benefit most from comfort. SYNCRONET Master Training & Elders Forum 

3. Task Orientation - Stay on the subject at hand and on the job.  You're in a WORK PLACE  You're in a studio and FOCUS is important.  Distraction is easy to find - without helping each other. 

4. Good ideas that come up can be jotted in your visionbook for discussion on Friday - Feedback Fellowship and Mentoring  Try considering speaking 'to camera' and you may suddenly find - that you have no need to speak at all. 

5. Knocking Off Work  GET to Shop Shut - JOB DONE! Begin knock off - before you're due to leave.  Be finished on time and that helps with starting on time, and beginning with easy and casual manner. Instead of cockroaches foating in someones yesterday dirty cup.  Paintbrushes adhered to the bench.  Missing items that have wandered off into the yard when you want to use it.  Or out in the rain.


Save TIME and MONEY - Equipment and property maintanance; safety and cleaning is everyOne's business

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