Roadtrain to Wilyacanya


Steve Towson "Oh yes!  Of course I remember Wagontrain to Wilyacanya - my grandad had a copy.  The Australian Cultural Library has his original boxed set of 78's.  


Lady Yaga herself kindly has donated to the Australian Cultural Library, her full archive of bootlegs. Including limited edition stage recordings of Roadtrain to Wilyacanya on vinyl record. These were produced by Stevie The Wonder Cat in Germany during the 1970s for the international market." Steve Towson



"Everyone knew 'Serious Business' was the peoples choice for national anthem.  In 1984 it caused a furore when they brought in Advance Australia Fair.  

What Would Baba Yaga Say?


"I told them - There'll be controversy."


The seminal work by the master of Australian touring musical theatre -  THE PADRONE 


Roadtrain to Wilyacanya was first performed in theatres throughout Australia in 1947.  PADRONE Music (Australasia)


                Lady Yaga: 2020 - The Remake


Features artfully restored archival materials, film and audiotape of the original cast with Boris Goodinoff, Sir Charles B. Knockinoff and THE PADRONE in many of their finest performances.      What Would Lady Yaga Say? 


This long awaited re-release includes the evergreen from her run in with the unions: "Amphibians took Me Royalties." - The last song Baba Yaga was ever to produce with funding from The Padrone.


Includes her massive hit song -  "I'd Sooner Pick Onions" - which was intended to be the B-Side. "This is Serious Business" went to Number One all through Outback Australia.  In fact it was to remain popular right up until the colour television came out. 



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