Happy Journal


The Art of Meditation

"What you do is you write in this book

22 powerful positive memories." - Robert Smith


"You have the skill of changing how you feel - like when you go into work and as you're going to work you think about wonderful things and as you do that - you start to produce that state.  Then all of a sudden your life starts to feel better. What you want to be able to do is to take control of your state's - in a way that will empower your life.


So find 22 powerful positive memories. Remember the place, the state, feelings, emotions or whatever it is that you are experiencing at that time.  You may remember a time with your grandfather and your fishing, you're feeling really comfortable and as you remember it, you start to experience the emotion.  So you write it in a way that it starts re-creating those feelings inside you.


Like here - I'm in Australia - and you start remembering and writing down, how good it felt, what you felt, like the wind and experiences with the people and as you go back to remember, you start to really experience those good feelings. The more you're in control of your state of mind the more powerful you become in your life.


So the Happy Journal is what you do.  You write positive emotional states and you write in such a way that when you remember - you start rexperiencing because it is within our experiences is what we operate from.


Like this wonderful place you know, you can hear the wind blowing up there, you can see many people out having fun and I think we all should have more fun." - Robert Smith -FasterEFT


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