Gosh make a person blush... however they say it's what ya s'posed to do... 


John Paiwan: Brindle Style has style tact charisma and lots and lots of love. Love you Maiia, you rock... like a calm ocean, lots of power but serene. 


"You have given the inspiration I need to do what I want to do and pay no attention to what this world thinks... 10% inspiration; 90% perspiration. Diligence is what I need to master. You are driven by it, and it shows in your wonderful talent. I can tell when someone enjoys what they do, it is the most brilliant thing you do in your paintings: fun. If we meet one day, I feel we will have known each other as sister and brother... On a different vibrational zone somewhere.... Ancient...all time is one... Future. I see it on boats, hopping from jungle spring flower islands; in some painted wall or canvas. Spring is started here... Many flowers to bloom!"  - (from Boulder Ck California)


 @ SCHOOL OF ARTS 2014  "Vibrant and warm like the sun featured on the Australian Aboriginal flag, cool and refreshing as water or a good cry Maiia's art grounds us on the earth and will help us soar into the sky of the future and the realisation of peace. Maiia's art transcends media. It is an artwork so grounded in place and time that object and subject become one - an art so sweetly in tune with the needs and archetypes of the mind that the viewer becomes participant and fellow artist in the realisation of the dreaming for which paint is the medium."Maiia



  Whatever you do, you do well AND stick with it. Thank you for all you do, you are my inspiration. Blessings


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