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It's Season 12 @ Brindle Style.  Each year we feature women's work.  This year kicked off brilliantly celebrating the new year with Cairns West Papua Community.  We have been treated to song, dance, healthy food and good company.  What more could anyone possibly need?


Here's a little background as to what  brings us together... celebrating Life and the future...   


PG: Warning links contain references to atrocity and human rights abuses. Women can not only survive the worst possible experiences it is possible to have, but still be able to smile and care.   So considering the horrible tripe passed off as 'entertainment' in the fictional arm of the media why be backward about the Truth. Hopefully we have been sufficiently respectfull and somewhat helpful. 


"The Citizens Tribunal announced its findings on Monday, 16 December, 2013. Our findings were featured in The Guardian and by ABC News 7:30.


"On 6 July 1998 a peaceful demonstration in Biak was attacked by military and police forces under the control of the Government of Indonesia which resulted in the deaths and injuries of scores of people and the detention of a further group of the demonstrators by the military forces, police and members of the Indonesian Naval forces.

(ii)  Subsequently a large number of men, women and children were killed, tortured and mutilated with some of the women and girls being raped and sexually mutilated and some of those detained died as a result of the actions of the military forces and police.

(iii)   There has been an attempt by the Government of Indonesia to downplay the seriousness of the actions perpetrated by Indonesian Government forces. There have been no proceedings taken against any persons for the crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against innocent civilians.

Jodie Cockatoo Creed 429

Biak Massacre Citizens Tribunal


"Middle-class western women have the privilege of serving the revolution, not of directing it. The ideological battles the feminist theorists are engaging are necessary but they are a preliminary to the emergence of female power, which will not flow decorously out from the universities or from the consumerist women's press."  Germaine Greer  WOMEN


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