"Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for wisdom, discrimination, mercy, generosity and good will toward a brave new paradigm of social, economic and restorative justice." -  CONTENT GENERATION



SOCIAL INNOVATION Technology and fashions may change but the song remains the same SCHOOL OF ARTS  Maiia (Editor) Background   


Cultural Mapping for Social Innovation - Cairns West. 
MNA = Manunda - 2012 - 2015. - with QITE


Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.

Brindle Style School of Arts - Resources for a first class education. 




*Are you considering work in the arts /creative industries?

*Developing your own small business or cottage industry?

*Are you a parent with commitments and time constraints?

*Do you come from a non-European background?

*Are you overwhelmed by classrooms, computers & books?

*Do you learn by observation or thru hands on experience?

*Have dyslexia, anxiety, or other individual needs? 

*Youth transitioning from school to the workplace

*Want to avoid going into debt?


Programme  Application Form  RESIDENTIAL Workstudy Background Maiia

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