Joh Bjelke

It's not so bad being a laughing stock around the world - if you don't know...Cool


"The greatest thing that could happen to the state and nation is when we get rid of all the media ... then we could live in peace and tranquillity and no one would know anything."  - Sir Joh Bjelke Peterson.


 Queensland Premier 1968 – 1987 which saw the beginning of an inquiry into police and political misconduct and which would ultimately see the minister of police locked up and strippedof his knighthood.  The controversies and economic conflicts of interest though, begin as early as 1959. His uncompromising conservatism, his role in the downfall of the Whitlam federal government, his political longevity- and his leadership of a government that, in its later years, was revealed to be institutionally corrupt, make him one of the best-known most controversial political figures in Australia. (wikipedia)


"In 1976 twelve people were arrested at a ‘hippie’ commune at Cedar Bay The hippies claimed police burned their personal property and dwellings. A television crew produced footage of burned-out huts. - Joh Bjelke-Petersen told the press that the allegations made by the Cedar Bay hippies were part of a campaign to legalise marijuana and denigrate the police. He stated that some of the evidence was manufactured after the police had left the scene. It turned out that the police had, in fact, torched the homes. Charges were laid against three policemen but the prosecutions were unsuccessful.


1000 police cracked down on the Brisbane public- against those supporting Nelson Mandela and in protest against the racist South African system of government called aparthied 1971See clip below.  Bjelke even declares martial law in 1981 so despite the international  boycotts the Springboks rugby team may stop and refuel their aeroplane on a tour to New Zealand. - Maiia


This is before the Fitzgerald Inquiry in to police and political corruption- Wikipedia


Joh Bjelke Regime - ha I googled him and the second post compares him with the Shah of Iran.  Which while amusing is probably due ispelling his name.  He was much beloved to many of those who actually met him and fell in with his fundamentalist principles the dutch are historically renowned for.


The Fitzgerald Inquiry - Crime and Misconduct Commission


The Fitzgerald Inquiry into police and political Corruption- ABC


September 1984 Maiia arrived on the first of many visits over the decades @ remote   SouthernHemisphere Tropics of Capricorn More familiar with Mongrel Mob - than deeply racist ideas like Mongrel Breed (mixed native and immigrant heritage) ought to assimilate - or be sterilised and die.


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